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Welcome to Flagships by M5 Shop, a distinguished extension of M5, a mens luxury showroom with a rich 20-year legacy in the heart of New York City. M5 has been instrumental in bringing esteemed international brands to the discerning American market. At Flagships, we've pioneered a unique concept aimed at empowering emerging and smaller brands in the realm of luxury menswear. Recognizing the challenges these brands face in securing retail space, we offer them a platform to showcase their entire collections, both in our physical stores and online. Our studio serves as a bridge, connecting these innovative designers with a broader audience of fashion enthusiasts. We take pride in our role as trendsetters, constantly scouting for the next best brands, ensuring that our curated collection remains at the forefront of contemporary menswear. Flagships by M5 Studio is not just a store; it's a dynamic space where the legacy of M5 converges with the innovation of emerging designers, fostering a unique blend of tradition and cutting-edge style.