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Subsequence Magazine Volume 06

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The tagline of “Subsequence” is “Arts & Crafts for the Age of Eclectic.” This experimental project will cover a wide range of arts, crafts and culture from all sorts, regardless of generation, gender or nationality. Featuring domestic and international contributors for the editing and compilation processes.

Based on the fundamental idea of unfolding new untold stories through individual perspectives, we are aiming to create a magazine that resembles the works developed by passionate craftsmen and artisans who love their craft. We offer these stories to a wide range of people, as the magazine is intended for those who have an interest in cultural lifestyles. We hope to publish stories that have been forgotten in recent years and provide a window to present the joys of wandering through and experiencing a new undiscovered world. We will publish the magazine periodically when there are stories to be told, so please look forward to it.
Subsequence Magazine Volume 06
Subsequence Magazine Volume 06 Sale price$60.00